"My angel watches over me" I said to myself silently whenever I have those problem... Somehow by saying those words it helps me get relax, it helps me focus on my life more, it somehow stops the pain that been eating me up everyday. Pero sino ba talaga ang guardian angel ko? Nasaan ba siya? I always ask this questions in my mind then lately I finally knew kung sino ba sila.... All along I thought I was all alone, I thought nobody cares, nobody understands me yan lagi ang bukang bibig ko. Pero masyado akong nag focus sa personal problems ko that I didn't notice my angels who are trying everything just to make me feel better, I didn't care cause all I was thinking was my damn self. I admire them kasi hindi sila sumusuko sa pag uunawa sa akin, sa pag bibigay ng pagmamahal na hinahanap, at sa pag convince sa akin na hindi ako nag iisa and I'm really sorry for all the pains that I have cause you all. Now I know that I'm not really alone... I have you.. I may not be expressive sa pag papakita ng emotions pero I want all of you to know that I really appreciate all those things that you've done for me. I'm eternally grateful for having all of you as my angels...

*for all those who care for me



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