"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I chanted this words inside my head. It's already past midnight and here I am still awake, blaming myself for my stupidity. Even though I loved you, I did nothing but to hurt you. You always assured me that you loved me but my ears seemed deaf. For I thought you were not serious whenever you told me that you cared.

TRUST! This one thing that I seem to lack. I easily get jealous when you talk to your friends especially if it's a guy. Maybe it's because that I LOVE YOU, or maybe because I don't want to lose you, but one thing is for sure and that's I have fallen for you the moment I laid my eyes on you. I spend each waking moment thinking of you...only you... I'm crazy in love with you.

I have face so many challenges before with you by my side. I remember all the memories, the precious memories only you had given me. Smallest things count when you're the one who gives them. Waiting for your sweet yes feels like eternity for me, and now I ask, will the time ever come that I can call you mine?

I admit that it's my fault. I did something I shouldn't done and now I made my baby cry. I can't promise you that everything will be OK but I promised that I will never leave you. I'm here to stay... I'll be waiting for you to come back to me... I really need you



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