Earlier I was bumming around with my phone when I decided to try texting this girl.. at first I really don't know what to say to her.. hindi ko nga alam if mabait siya or what. After sending my message my phone instantly begun to beep... and guess who? It was her. I found out that she's kinda nice. By the way her name is Bleizel April and she's from Cavite. We talked for hours and hours and weird kasi parang somehow she can understand me.. weird yun for me 'cause wala talagang nakakaintindi sa akin aside kay Dae, Aviel, Get, Camille at Mikah. I only hope that our friendship will last, I don't wanna be left out or rejected anymore. Nakakpagod na yun. Sana kahit 'di pa kami masyadong close 'wag niya sisirain yung trust ko for her.. Somehow I needed her too. I think she can be a good friend to me and earlier I made a promise to her that hindi ko sya iiwan(as if naman na ugali kong mang-iwan sa ere). I'm really happy 'cause I think I found another friend in her. I swear hindi ko sya iiwan.. my only concern is that sana whenever she got those problems sana matulungan ko sya... it would really break me kapag hindi ko sya natulungan. I hope I could keep her for good... thank you Chubby cutie



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