As I was bumming around( again) with my diary, I saw her entries again. I really miss her so much. I always wonder if she's OK or if she's doing fine with her life. The night I made Jelly's entry here on my BLOG the other day was the longest night I ever had in a while. I can't seen to get her out of my mind, When I tried to close my eyes it is still her memories that haunts me. What's happening to me? Maybe it's just that I really miss her. It's been quite a while now since we " really talked" to each other. Nowadays kasi we just sent messages once in a blue moon unlike before and usually our messages are just the usual " Hi's and Hello's" When will be that day when we will finally catch things up? Parang ayaw na yata nya akong kausap eh... Too bad 'cause I really treated her as if she's really my friend/sister. Anyway, I hope that she's always doing great with her life...unlike me. I hope she'll stay as my friend for GOOD.



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