Have you ever felt like nobody seems to care or nobody even bothers to ask if your Ok? It's hard to wake up every morning knowing that theres not even a single soul out there who considers you as a friend. If you haven't felt that in your entire existence then your lucky. I have to wake up each morning feeling so empty, so cold and alone. I don't know whats happening to me. Maybe I'm just feeling a little bit blue today. All my life Ive met friends who claims that they won't leave or forsake me but look at me now...I'm here all alone. I had a friend once but she died..she died while I was holding her. We were robbed a couple of years ago and she died trying to save her bag. While she was dying I asked her whats so important in that stupid bag of hers and she told me whats inside...It was a letter...a love letter for me...I was shocked. All those months she was secretly in-love with me. I don't know what to say...She died after a few seconds. Maybe she just hold on to her dear life for a couple of seconds just to tell me how much she loved me...she died not knowing that I loved her too..I love her from the moment I saw her..and I swear I will keep on loving her even though she's not here with me. I'll be waiting here patiently. Maybe If she hadn't died I won't go through this pain everyday 'cause I know she'll never let me feel all alone again. I MISS HER SO MUCH



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