Last Sunday my friend told me that it is her ex bf that convinced her that she must continue what she was having...what I mean was her baby. Well that actually made me somehow sad 'cause all this time I thought she was kinda listening to me but I guess I was wrong.... It felt like I'm kinda useless. I don't know why I'm feeling this stupid pain... ano ko ba siya? She's just my friend.. well actually she's one the few remaining friends that I have. I know this time I lost all hope to be her man. Sometimes I always wished that all those " I LOVE YOU's " that she keep on telling her bf were mine but I guess somethings are not meant to happen. I just hope that someday I too will find my special someone. It's kinda hard to live life without someone to hold on to or just to make you feel that you are wanted and needed. It's been quite been a while now since the last time somebody told me that she LOVE me and It's been centuries ago since I felt that I am LOVED.



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