I got this friend whom I met a couple of months ago. Her name is Mikah. At first I thought our friendship would probably last a couple of days maybe weeks but I spoke to soon.. she eventually became one of my treasured friends ever. She's sweet, thoughtful and most of all she understands me. I really like her and I made her a promise that I will never gonna leave her..sasamahan ko sya sa lahat ng mga pinagdadaanan nya. But recently, she suddenly had this problem which eventually would change her life completely... I tried to comfort her but It seems futile 'cause every time she breaks down I can't seem to make her happy or even make her smile and that really hurts. It hurts to see her crying, lonely and pained by her problems. I wished I could do something for her. If only I could trade places with her or just carry her load I would do that for her. She once saved me from the brink of destruction and now I can't even save her. She means a lot to me..she's all I have. If only she would just let me carry her load...but she won't let me. All I can do is try my very best to comfort her. I really-really love her and I don't wanna to sit down and watch my her deal with her problems on her own. I have to do something... I know I ain't superman who can fly just to be with her in a split second...I'm just a friend... a friend who really cares for her



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