I really don't know whats happening to me.. It is as if I don't know myself anymore. Maybe I'm just having a very rough day... Minsan mas gusto ko pang magkulong sa room ko at mag isip ng mag isip about how my life is going to waste. Hindi ako ganito dati, to be honest with you masayahin tao talaga ako, laging naka ngiti at naka tawa. Mahilig din ako mag joke kahit minsan yung iba eh medyo corny but they still laugh at it. I love being with my friends, pero look at me now... wasted and always sad. I hate being me.. I hate my current situation now. Siguro nag start akong mag bago because I was hurt by the very same person that taught me to love. I can't seem to forget her, It is as if her memories still haunts me every time I close my eyes, her voice still lingers in my ears, I can still hear her laughters... I gave her my all and yet look at me now... broken. Although I still smile pero hindi na tulad ng dati. I find it hard to trust people again afraid that they too will hurt me again. I'm tired being "me"

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ennaesor said...

hi., i was caught by your nice articles.. very emotional huh! wel, ang masasabi ko lang po is try to let go of your past... if she made your heart broken., you're the only one who can fix it again... dont be too harsh to yourself... dont waste your time from suffering to what you dont have ryt now... and learn to accept the fact that there are certain things in this world we cant hold on forever... just think of happy thoughts and live light... and you'll be okei soon.. just learn to love yourself a lil' more. . . .


September 17, 2008 at 4:30 PM

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