Being alone is what I do best..It is as if all my boring life I've been left out, rejected, and hurt a thousand times by the same persons who I trusted. It's kinda sucks right? Actually I really don't know why I'm treated this way by my so-called friends.. But you know what I still care for them... I still love them even if they did some nasty stuff to me in the past.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at them. I'm just puzzled because why out of all the persons living in this lonely place called Earth eh ako na lang lagi ang nakaka-experience ng mga bagay na ito? Ano ba ako? Problem Magnet ba ako? I just wanna be loved back. But I guess it ain't gonna happen 'cause those things happens only in the silver screen.

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buena said...

You're never be alone if you're with GOD.. paborito ko tong quote na to eh.. galing to sa mensahe ni Ptr. Ed Lapiz "Why do we have to love GOD above all? Coz people and things may come to pass but God's love remains forever. He will never leave us nor forsake us as we choose to be with HIM."

September 14, 2008 at 7:27 PM

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