I hate it when my friend asks for my help and I can't seem to take her pain away from her. Last night one of my closest friend wasn't feeling good because of her mom and her BF. What's the connection you ask me? Well let me give you a back ground check... you see my friend's mom wasn't that cool when it comes to her BF, what I mean is that her mom doesn't want her BF to be anywhere near her. It seems like her mom doesn't trust her enough and that's the reason why my friend Jelly is feeling blue that night. Then she ask me if I could somehow give her a call 'cause she really needs someone to talk to but I can't make a call 'cause it almost midnight when she ask me to make a call and all the stores in our place is closed. I said if it's possible if we can talk it over through text messaging but she didn't replied to my question... Damn! Nagalit na yata sya? I really hate it when someone asks for help and I can't even do something for them. I know I ain't superman but I feel like it's kinda my responsibility to help them every time their down and broken. That night I felt as if I'm useless... a good for nothing friend. I didn't sleep that night thinking about her and the problems she's been going through. I want to help her but it seems impossible. I feel really bad about myself again. Bakit ba kung kailan nag decide na ako na mag concentrate on being happy again tsaka naman may mangyayaring katulad nito.. I know it's not my fault pero n aalala ko yung mga times when I was the one who needed help and when I told them that I needed them for sure asahan mong to the rescue sila sa akin para pasayahin ako ulit... I wish I could do that too... I'm really sorry Jelly if I didn't help you last night... I'm really-really sorry



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