Break ups...How do cope up with it? Some says that they will try to forget it by drinking the night away with some nasty drinks, some will find and replace their former partner with a new one. Some will even hurt themselves just to divert the pain of their breakups...If you would ask me what am I gonna do I would just stare at you blankly... 'cause I really don't know what to do if that happens to me. Although before I tried killing myself with the use of some sleeping pills and three cuts in my wrist but guess what? I didn't die...(sigh)

It's kinda hard to lose someone who is really dear to you. It's far much worst than being hit by a car or those cuts in my wrist that I made before. I really losing the one that I love I'm pertaining to my friends. Right now they are far more important than my damned life and I would do anything for them. Most of my friends doesn't even know how much they mean to me. I just remembered Buen (my new friend). She said that "You're never be alone if you're with GOD.. paborito ko tong quote na to eh.. galing to sa mensahe ni Ptr. Ed Lapiz "Why do we have to love GOD above all? Coz people and things may come to pass but God's love remains forever. He will never leave us nor forsake us as we choose to be with HIM." Maybe she's right pero I can't help it.. I'm kinda desperate when it comes to friends. In my set of friends now I can only name a handful of them who really cares for me, Mikah, Dae, Get, Buen, Jelly ann, Aviel sino pa ba? Anyway I hope and pray that none of them will leave me... they are all I have. They are much more important than any thing in this world....



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