We all wanna be love , some people will do anything for the one that they love...as in lahat gagwin mo mapasaya mo lang sya...maging kuntento syo para 'di ka nya iwan . Lahat na yata na gawa ko na sa ngalan ng pag-ibig pero wala na yatang tatalo sa pag aattempt kong mag-pakamatay para lang sa isang taong minahal ko. If my memory serves me right, it was February 2005 when I decided to end it(my life). Three months na kasi hindi nag papkita ang gf ko sa akin and to think we live in the same town. I don't know if she's hiding from me or what. One day I told myself if get hospitalize maybe my girl would come and visit me and everything would be ok again. So, after 28 tablets of sleeping pills and a nasty cut on my right wrist there I was in the hospital. I told myself that sooner or later my girl would probably be here..I waited and waited but she didn't come. Then before I lose all my hopes on her she showed up with this guy...I thought he's just one of my girls cousins....I spoke to soon... "Saul, I came here to just break up with you. This is mike my new bf. I came here just to check up on you if your ok." DAMN!! After all I've done for her...she would just give me a bucket of tears...why? I still asked this question to my self... saan ako nag kulang?



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