I've been posting up my problems and the people who helped me get through with those problems all this time and I'm thankful 'cause I've met them...they are the real reason why I'm still here in this lonely place called Earth. Some of them left me but that doesn't mean that I'll have the right to be angry or whatsoever. But sometimes I just wished that they won't leave me.. nakakasawa na kasi eh. Yun bang lahat gagawin mo for them and yet they have the guts to hurt you after all you've done(that sucks!) I can't blame them for their sudden change of attitude towards me, ganon talaga ang buhay...nobody stays forever. Some says that one of the reason why people hold on to memories so tight is because memories are the only things in life that don't change when everything else does... If only I could find that someone who will never leave me siguro magiging mas masaya ang buhay diba? I'm tired of being left out... my friends, family, and not to mention my ex-girlfriends...all of them left me broken and damage. I don't think I can hold on anymore.. I'm starting to lose hope.. I ain't got any more reason left to continue on living... I hate being alone..Every night I wished that when I wake up the following morning I'll be in some place that I'll be loved. It's kinda hard to wake up each morning knowing that your gonna face all day all alone... I'm really tired of this game called life...



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