I think I found myself a new friend... her name is AVIEL. Weird name for a girl right? Anyway she's just a couple of years younger than me but when it comes of comforting me whenever I'm down I feel like she's older than me. She's from Bulacan and currently a high school student, Beaty plus brains equals AVIEL. Lately pag nalulungkot ako she would never fails to make me smile kahit sobrang bigat ng problema ko. I really hope she would never leave me 'cause if that happens for sure it would really make blue. She's sweet... correction very sweet pala, thoughtful, kind, understanding and fun to be with. Sounds good to be true right? Believe me she's real. Yesterday she even left a comment on my friendster account saying that...

  • hay kuya alwayS remeMber pOh na d2 lanG akO di pOh kita iiwaN proMIse!!! doN't feeL that uR alOne coz i am heRe tO stay wiTh U nO mattEr what happeN i'll be by uR side!! to coMFort U!!! tO hir Ur proBleMs!!! we can coNquer oLL those proBleMs by facing it together... i know i'm nOt that iMportant to U...but i'm here always!! to give U a jOy!!! mostly, weN uR in pain

    kuya kakaiyak talga uNg blOg muH.. T,T


Isn't that sweet or what. I'm so touched by her sweet caring words to me..

"Aviel thank you for being so good to me. I swear I will do my very best for this friendship to last. Always remember that I'm always here for you no matter what happens and expect me to never let you go.. I need you..."

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nkahanap ka rin ng magccomfort sau... bzta miski di tayo close at di magkakilala.. im here being a friend for you... pramizz... ang sabi ko sau sa isang comment ko sau tol..."pagsubok lang yan... pra patibayin ang loob mu.." ok..

September 24, 2008 at 5:37 PM

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