Alone? well ganyan na yata ang kinalakihan ko..I'm always been a loner I really don't know why pero parang natatakot akong makisalamuha sa mga tao. Siguro takot lang talaga ako kasi everytime I try to open up my true "me" lagi sila umiiwas. Don't get me wrong I'm not that bad tulad ng mga kontrabida sa mga telenovela sa TV, I'm ujust your ordinary kid who is in need of a friend..a real friend. Madalas I get jealous sa mga kakilala ko because they hyave lots of friends while on the other hand ako wala ni isa, well correction! I still got some friends pa pala. Ang gulo ko noh, actually even I don't understand myself sometimes..uhmm most of the times pala. My point is that I'm still not going to lose hope na someday mahahanap ko na din yung one true friend..a friend who will not gonna leave me and that he or she will accept me just the way I am. I'm really desperate! maybe you can help me...are you going to take the risk of being my friend?

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ndi k Emotional Music Overload , n2ral .. ^^,

October 12, 2008 at 2:22 PM

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