Have you fallen in love before? Well almost everyone of you would probably say yes but let me rephrase my question. Have you been in love with your best friend? Maybe not all of you have been into this situation but I tell you It's kinda hard to be in this kind of situation. I have been once in loved with my friend...my only friend. But she died not knowing that I love her too...Huh?!? "...love her too?" yup you read it right, she's also in love with me but she's just too shy to tell it 'cause she doesn't want to ruin our friendship... It was raining hard that day when we decided to go malling to celebrate my coming graduation(high-school). It was the most wonderful day I've ever had next to the day that I met her. It was about 9:30 pm when we left the mall. We decided to walk for us to enjoy our "remaining time together". To make this story short, we were robbed by 4 guys who later on killed my friend...my love. She was stabbed near her stomach area , I crawled to her , "Sally I'm sorry.." but I was cut short when she opened her mouth and weakly said " Saul I'm sorry... remember our only rule when it comes to our friendship? I had broken it... I LIED!".. It's OK I forgive you... " No! You don't understand! Saul I love you!" I was shocked after hearing those words... she really loves me...at last somebody loved me... But before I could say "i love you too" to her she died.. She died not knowing that I too was in love with her.. 8 years has passed and yet I still wished I have said my I LOVE YOU to her...

in memory of sally
*march 28 2008



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