Have you ever been broken by the very same person you hold most dear? I guess you have, but let me ask you something. After that person hurt you and made you feel somewhat empty or broken inside who do you run to? Some of us would probably say they would seek refuge in our God, our family, friends or maybe even to0 their boyfriend or their girlfriend. But what if you have no one else to run to? You have no one else to make you feel better or loved. That really sucks right? What if the only person you trust most in your life is the very same person who had hurt you?
Recently, I found myself in that stinking situation. I really find it hard to wake up each morning knowing that I am all alone again and to make matters worst she left a very big hole inside of me. The feeling gets worst every time I saw stuffs that would remind me of her, everywhere I looked its her face I see. She's been with me just a couple of months but I have never been this attached to anyone. Someone told me that the hardest part of separating is not on the feeling of letting go... not in the part of saying your goodbye's but going through every damn day and having to remember it.. I guess that person is right.. I just can't believe that this is happening to me (again..) You see, I met her at the time that I really needed someone to help me overcome the pain that I was feeling because of my breakup with my former girlfriend.. she's been good to me... she stood by me all along... she taught me to trust again... but most of all she help me move on and taught me to love again... then after all that happened I suddenly thought of this, " she helped me forget my sad story and yet... she started another one...". Sometimes when I watch those cheesy love stories and the couple ends up together I sometimes feel kinda weird. I just hate happy endings.. I really don't get it. I'm thinking that no matter how happy the ending was still... it has ended.



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