How can I let go of her if her memories haunts me every now and then? How can I discard her memories? Napapagod na talaga ako. I know wala ng pupuntahan itong feelings ko for her, I have given up so much for her and yet look me right now...broken, cold and all alone. Iniwan ko ang mga kaibigan ko for her, sinaway ko mga utos ng magulang ko, at nag pakasira ako and all of these for what? It's been 2 weeks since we last saw each other and my heart aches for her presence. Lahat gagawin ko mahanap ko lang siya, without her I don't think I could live much longer. It is as if tinanggalan ako ng reason to live... Bakit siya ganon? Saan ako nag kulang? So many questions and yet I can't seem to find just a single answer to those "why's"



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