As I was bumming around with my pastor's computer earlier, I stumble upon some old photos that I had collected before..
As I was looking at them I realized that so many had changed in the past few months.. I am talking about my friends sin our local church.. particularly in our youth. I don't know if I am the one who have changed or is it them (maybe both). I miss those times that we hang out and watch some movies while some of us are cooking their "merienda". I miss hearing those laughter, seeing their smiles, teasing each other... those are the things that I miss from them. Throughout my entire boring life..there are lots of them who told me that they loved me and that I shouldn't be sad or feel that I'm being left behind..yeah I got their point but with all of them saying those words of encouragement..why is it that I still feel that I'm alone? Why is it I still feel that pain whenever I see them. I'm still craving for some real loving... Why can't they show me, make me feel that I belong...and that I am loved..



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