It is God who created everything with words. And it is also Jesus
(the word) who became flesh. Such is the power of words, and we often take this power for granted. So much so, that our character can be judge by the words we speak But do we take caution with the words that we utter? That is a question I will leave you to reflect on.

If this is the power of the spoken word, how much for the written word that is immortalized in pen and paper? It is as if you have captured your very essence in that writing you have made. Your very being is in what you have created and what you have created will last forever.

As a writer looking back at what you have written, let's say a few years ago can be an interesting experience. It is a whole spectrum of emotions ranging from hilarious laughter as to how you how written something so silly, to raging anger as to how naive you were at that time you wrote that piece. It may also be a self-discovery as to how much you have grown and matured with the many ideas that you have expressed in paper.

It is an experienced to relive because all the details can be remembered. All the senses are awake: the ears can remember every rhythm and every melody; the eyes can remember every shades and colors; All this feelings can be relived.

This is one of the things that writing can offer. This one of it's magic that endears so many followers.

The future is the first shaped by words; the past is immortalized in writing them and the present is waiting to be written....



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