Whoever told that the best things in life are for free...he's right. Recently I met this girl through a friend of mine. Her Name is Camille and by God I swear she's one of the sweetest girl I've ever met in my entire boring existence. She's only a freshman in our local high school in our town. Sobrang thankful ako 'cause I have her as my 'lil sister. She's sweet, caring, thoughtful, kind, fun to talk to, smart, and not to mention she's kinda pretty too(don't you think?) Anyway, what started as a casual friendship turned into a little bit deeper... we started to call each other pet names..hehehehe and soon we were telling each other "I-love-yous" I never thought na magkakaroon ako ng isang katulad niya as my friend. A friend who is always there when ever I needed someone to talk to, she NEVER FAILS to lift me up when i'm down. To be honest with you(whoever you are) SOBRANG mahal na mahal ko yung kapatid ko na iyon and I would do ANYTHING for her as in lahat gagawin ko maging masaya lang sya. I may sound a little bit corny..i don't care. Kaso may problema, I hate to say it but I think I'm falling for her. Maybe I'm just a little bit confused but damn the felling seems so real and so intense. I don't think if I can hold it anymore. I don't know if I can lie anymore about my feelings... Sometimes life isn't fair...well in my case I'm always stuck with this kind of problems... "love problems". Maybe were better off as friends, as her "kuya". But that doesn't mean that I'll stop loving her, that won't happen. I can't and I won't stop loving her...that I promise. I will be forever be in love with her... Thank you "baby q0h!".



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