I love her but I can't be with her nor I can't even hold her hands and tell her that I love her. You see, I met this wonderful girl a few weeks back. And ever since that day, wala na akong ibang inisip kundi sya and the way she treated me. I have loved her from the moment I lay my eyes on her, she's so special to me and I can't even imagine my life without her by my side. She means a lot to me in fact she's all I've got. Without her, my life seems so empty. I can't even concentrate in everything I do. Tell me? how can you concentrate if the only person thats been creeping in my mind is her. Not a single day will pass by without the thought of her and her love in my mind. I hate this feeling, I love her but I can't be with her, I love her but I can't even hold her, I love her but We can't be together as a couple. I could give you a million reasons why I love her but I can't even think of a single reason why I have to hate her. I love every single part of her... her eyes,mouth, her smile.... her voice. I love you...yes "Y-U-O" I love you honey....

I hope you'll let me love you... I can't face the fact that one day your gonna leave me camille



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