I'm afraid to let her know how much she really means to me pero if I don't do something baka tuluyang umalis na siya at lumayo and i CAN'T imagine my life without her by my side. I really-really LOVE her. Maybe your wondering na sobrang corny ko noh? Pero I can't help it. You see, before I met her she was just a friend...a simple friend but one day I realized that slowly I was falling in love with. At first I thought it was just a simple infatuation but soon I realized that it wasn't just an infatuation....i was really falling in love with her... Everyday I found myself daydreaming about "us" being together doing things like holding hands with her,having dates and all. But how can we even do that if she isn't even my girlfriend... Telling her the truth about my feelings for her can have consequences. Either she will love me back or she will be shocked and instantly leave me... I guess I wouldn't know the answer unless I pop up the question...."will you be my angel camille?"



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