Last night we had a very long conversation 'bout my friend's situation..'bout her having a baby a couple of months from now. And guess what? She's finally got a way to end all of this.. and I swear after I heard whats her plan I almost throw up. She's going to abort the baby! What!?! I feel like I was in a dream..a very bad one. After all those advices that I gave her this past week sa Abortion din pala babagsak. I don't know how to react on her decision that she'll have to abort it because she's afraid that her baby will come out deformed or mentally disabled due to some abortion pills that she bought last month. I will not give up on her. I know there is someway I can change her mind. Abortion? I don't think it's the solution to this problem. There has to be another way. Never did I consider having an abortion an option to solve unwanted teenage pregnancy. My God! It should be called killing and not abortion. By the way back to her, she said to me that she was planning to do it a couple of days from now, my times running out I have to convinced her not to do it. I have to make her understand that what she's planning to do is not good at all. Wish me luck and may God bless me



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