Last Sunday I received a text message from one of my friends and I swear if I hadn't holding the stair railings I would probably slip, fell and died instantly. My heart was pounding real loud that I couldn't hear anything nor even think properly. I read it again, and again and again hoping that I was just hallucinating but I ain't. I read it slowly this time.. " kuya im so sorry, alam kong nakakahiya itong sasabihin ko but im pregnant.. please help me..."

Ha?!? ano kamo? buntis ka? I asked myself this quetions. I tried to remain calm but I can't. Tell me how can I remain calm when your friend...your closest friend is having a baby five months from now. Yup you read it right "5 months" (by the way she's already 4 months pregnant now) How? When? and for Christ's sake
Why! Your still young and you have a great future ahead of you, bakit mo nagawa yan? She was crying on the other end of the phone while I was bombarding her with these questions. I tried to make her smile with my corny jokes and thank God it paid off. I was so confused that moment and when my mind begins to clear I asked her Who's the father? She reluctantly said it was her bf. What going to happen to her now? will she continue her pregnancy or will she abort it for the fear of being rejected by her parents? I love my sister so much that I will do my very best to support her all the way....

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John Deru said...

The pregnancy is no problem if people has a legal couple..

Peace from me..
John Deru

August 28, 2008 at 4:20 PM

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