I met a wonderful, wonderful man from Oregon. We were online chatting along with other christian folks in Yahoo! chat line. We started out as friends, then we wanted to know more and more about eachother. We both shared everything...and it turned out we both have a lot in common. There where nothing that are different about us except as male and female.In the mean time...we decided to exchange phone numbers and photos. The first time I talked with Scott, my ex (now my friend) scared the daylight out of me...at the same time...scared the daylight out of Scott...poor guy! LOL!! Scott had no idea where I live except my home town or otherwise he would have phoned 911...Ever since that night...I felt that we were meant for eachother...with all that we have in common...I just knew we were meant to be together. It was so weird at first...meeting someone off the computer and saying "Ilove you". But...I had a vacation coming and wanted to meet Scott. Boy...I was so excited to meet him in person...but I was scared to death. As soon as I arrived to Oregon...I wanted to die from excitement...but I'm glad I didn't. Scott is the most wonderful man I have ever met. I spent the entire week with him and he was so good to me. I have known Scott for a year...just recently...he had proposed to me to marry him and I had accepted his marriage proposal. I don't think I can go a day without Scott and yes...Scott felt the same way. Now...our wedding day is Sept 15, 2001!!! We both cannot wait for this big day to arrive!!!I want you all to know one thing...BE CAREFUL WHO YOU MEET and ask a lot of questions about your online lover. You may not have met him or her in person yet...but I ask that all of you that are dating online to be extra careful. I know I was really careful...I wouldnt give anyone my personal information till I get to know this person. That is how I met Scott...a wonderful wonderful man



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