Well like most authors i am one who do not believe in love at first sight untill i experienced it myself...It all started like this, I was with a few friends at McDonalds, after my lecture from school, we were chatting and laughing at some stupid stories that one of my friends told...Just then, a group of girls come and took their seats, there was this girl, quite outstanding for that striking red top she was wearing and she had this sweet smile...Then, while they were at the counter, ordering their food, i noticed something, they all had a disability, they could not talk... But, this was not considered a disability to me, i walked up to them, and ask for her number, well, she was suprised?But, she eventually gave me her address and her name is Elaine, she does not have a phone at home and there was no possibility to talk to her...After a few days, i sent her a letter, asking her out on a date the following Saturday. Whether she agreed to the date or was it rejected, i could not tell for i do not know!We were supposed to meet at the Lido cinema to catch a movie, i waited for around 5mins then, she appeared. She was wearing that same smile that caught me..In the cinema, we saw he show "Ice Age." In order to communicate, i needed to get a pen and paper... I asked her about how she felt about me.. she told me she was very happy, but at the same time, she was worried as she could not define whether my love was out of sympathy or was it from my heart.From that moment, i have been asking myself the question, untill a month later after my exams, i finally made up my mind, i was really in love with her, not for her disability that i sympathize, not for that she is pretty, but for the fact that i love her... i went to her home, which made her quite suprised, i pulled her out of her home and ran to the park in font of her block of flats, i looked at her and wrote to her how i felt, she looked at my with those big black eyes, those that could take your soul away if you were you stare at it for a long time. She took the pen and wrote this sentence,"I love you too, but now that i am assured that you love me for wat i am and not out of sympathy, i feel that i will not regret the decision.." Now, we have been together for two years and althoguh we have not planned to get married, i have never once quarrel with her, not even on paper and i never will...



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