She was a simple girl who happen to fell in love to a preacher. she was young then, and her preacher man was only a student studying preaching. She didin't tell anybody about her feelings. And he started to like him because of a dream.one night, she dreamed of a long white sandy beach, where she can see herself scribbling something on the sand. she was writing the name of the man she love. at first it was blurry, but it was just like in the movies were she saw her man walking slowly, smiling heartily to her, and it happen to be their preacher.she wondered why she dreamed of him. then day by day, as she saw him in church... slowly, she fell for him. there are lot of good things she saw in him.when he is down, all she wanted is to take all his pain, but she cannot do it.she was afraid to tell him how she feels, of how she cares for him. the preacher doesn't know also that there's somoene who is deeply concern for him, because for him, she was just a churchmate.she was contented just staring at him from afar. receiving one hello, or hi, or good day sister! he doesn't know how she really feels for him...then they beacme friends. she was very happy. oh, how she cherish their laughters and stories. still, she is just a churchmate to him. the he graduated, it was nearly time for him to go to another church... oh, how sad she became.. thinking of it is very painful indeed! the days drew nearer, she started avoiding him, it would be easier to part this way. her preacher wondered why she became cold to him... he didn't ask further questions....then he left...she remained alone...all she had pray for had flown away. years passed... she almost forgot about him. but God is really Great to her. when she felt that there's no hope was coming, all of sudden good news came.one day.. a telegram came... it was from her parents from the city asking her to visit them. she wondered why...she went there and to her surprise.. she didn't know her parents can do this to her, they have arranged her marriage. her heart sagging with pain due to her parents decision and due to the loneliness she feels as she think of her preacher.. she agreed. but is this a miracle... she thought all the angels have all come down from heavens! she saw her preacher man in th church... looking very handsomely in grayish suit. her eyes filled with tears...she approached him... "aren't you our preacher back in the village?""yes" his answer as cold as ice. there was fury in his eyes, she didn't know why.then it was like a hurricane, it happens all of a sudden. the man she thought would be preaching the sermons on her wedding was the very groom of that special day.it was like having a heart attack. but she remained calm.she didn't know what to do, or how did it happen. all she knows is that bells are already ringing, the wedding is over. still her groom was very distant, still as cold as ice..she was afraid to ask,although she already knows the answers. but still, she is confuse...was it, he just hated her, or was it, he hated the set-up marriage?she summon all her strength...still teary eyed... not with happiness but with pain.. she asked him..."why are you so cold?""why ask?" he said in a sarcastic voice."it's just... you seem to change a lot..." she was crying"no... not really" he was not looking at her."then why are you mad at me""I'm not...""then why did you agree to marry me..." she was busrting in so much pain"our parents arrange us, didn't they?" the cold wind rush to their stone cold bodies...."then why did you come... if you didn't want to marry me... why did you come! oh this hurts a lot." she was shaking with fury, her kind face was changed into a hopeless cry baby."why did you became so cold to me before i go away from the village?" he said it without looking at her.she was too awestruck..."i left without even talking to you... you are the one who became distant...not me..." he said, his voice trembling with sadness.she didn't know what to say..."I did that... because... coz it will be very painful for me if i stay as your cheerful churchmate, when in fact..." she cannot continue... what is this man saying?"why is that..." he said patiently"look, don't change the subject... why are you so mean to me... may be that's one of the reasons why i avoided you before you leave!"" i think not..""you know nothing... you know nothing from the very beginning... you don't know how i feel... if you're lost, if you're in pain... if you don't greet me for just a day... all you know is that i'm your funny churchmate! but still... i'm always there for you... and you don't even know that i wept when you left... that i almost called all the angels in the heavens just to bring you back to me..." she was sobbing hysterically... still he stand there like a lifelss rock, looking at her blankly."why did you go to this wedding, when i know... that you don't want it... when you know... that you don't want to marry me..." tears was pouring heavily from her eyes, she didn't lift her head... she was afraid to look at his reactions after what she had said."who told you i don't want to come to this wedding..." his voice was heavy and cruel... she lifted her face to face her fears... but it wasn't as she expected..."i will not go here... if i don't want to marry you myself...." his hard face broke into a loving smile....

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ouhw !! a real lyf story ?..

November 28, 2008 at 6:33 PM

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